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Marketing campaign B2C 

Raise brand awareness, drive sales, increase website traffic and generate engagement

  • Overview: 120+ Films | 40 countries | 20+ Premieres | 3+ Drive-ins.

  • Objectives: strategize, execute and implement a fully virtual film festival experience and coordinate on special screenings and drive-ins; reach and retain new partner and sponsor; renew and expand the audience.

  • Duties/responsibilities: oversee the social media content and design deliverables (coordinate on creative brief, look for inspiration and build out the strategy). Coordinate with filmmakers and partners on deliverables and cross-promotion. 

  • Results/deliverables: +220 new followers; 27,000+ streams over five days; I brought two new French partner (MerciSF and The Office for Cultural affairs and Creative Industries of the Consulate General of France in LA); Guest-speaker on Clubhouse to promote the festival and the US Premiere of a French film.

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 8.25.48 PM.png
  • Overview: promote the virtual conference; create visually appealing on brand graphics for social media and other media fulfillment.

  • Objectives: maximize PBWC exposure and visibility through media partnerships.

  • Duties/responsibilities: coordinate with key contacts for creative assets and deliverables; create a social media toolkit; coordinate on speaker interview and media fulfillment.

  • Results/deliverables: +114 new IG followers (all organic); lock ABC7, KCBS and SF Bay Times media coverage - @officialpbwc

  • Overview: advertising campaign / photo shoot with actor.

  • Objectives: promote the natural gas distribution company and their CSR obligation in order to maintain and build a customer loyalty program.

  • Duties/responsibilities: build out the proposal; creative direction; strategize and envision the campaign; fixing and coordinating each step of the project (estimate, planning, casting, shooting, photo editing, promotion, reporting etc.). 

  • Results/deliverables: digital and print campaign; brand new bank images.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 10.47.43

Communication B2B

Engage with partner, reach new potential client, develop business opportunity

  • Overview: ID movie of the Paris Region.

  • Objectives: showcase the resources and benefits of the Paris region to drive local and international investors.

  • Duties/responsibilities: in collaboration with team to bring their vision, scripts, and storyboards to reality; create and oversee a budget for the film; negotiate with outside vendors and crew as needed; secure rights and licensing for talent, music, and locations; be on set for all pre-production and shoot days.

  • Results/deliverables: 1mn30 video - over 2.6K views on YouTube

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 4.15.43 PM.png
  • Overview: promotional video for a product launch.  

  • Objectives: showcase the benefits of the new lens. 

  • Duties/responsibilities: oversee the entire production of the project: from the writing to the shooting through the testing phases and the post-production (location scouting, driving the creative direction in collaboration with the director and the set designer, handle clients communication and negotiation with vendors, follow-up of the budget and the associated costs).

  • Results/deliverables: a 3min film that we have breakdown in different videos format for social media and website. The film was presented at the Essilor Group annual convention.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 12.15.46 PM.png
  • Overview: integral rebranding of the start-up look and feel. Logistics Operations is an innovative start-up belonging to Daher (aircraft manufacturer). 

  • Objectives: create a brand new communication toolkit; design a new logo; help improving their communication assets to pitch potential new business partner (flyer; pitching deck; business card; email signature; social media graphic etc.)

  • Duties/responsibilities: develop and implement a new creative direction; communication and brand strategy consulting.

  • Results/deliverables: a full new brand kit and a new pitch deck.

Logistics Operation-Logo-Nov 2020 avec C
Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 11.06.38

Event marketing (virtual and IRL)

Create a unique experience, promote a brand, launch a product, generate exposure

  • Overview: annual international squash championship held in New York City.

  • Objectives: drive ToC awareness, ticket sales and media coverage; add value for existing and potential new sponsors; expand social media presence and engagement; engage with fans and build out a community in order to highlight squash as high-level sport.

  • Duties/responsibilities: oversee the creative design team (ads, sign, invitation, badges); execute creative and content strategy for social media and live coverage during the event; coordinate on media-players interview; on-site logistic; sponsors recap.

  • Results/deliverables: +28% growth on IG; local and national media coverage.

  • Overview: oversee the production and set up of a customize photo studio entertainment for VIPs attending to the main sports competition and concert.

  • Objectives: supporting the author with her different book tour; coordinate with partner on workshop; organize the launch party.

  • Duties/responsibilities: work collaboratively with the Creative director and the Photographer to develop original assets for each photo booth (backdrop, accessories, photo frame etc.); lead and coordinate the photo studio set-up from conception to delivery, creating checkpoints, timelines and review schedules; live social media coverage; on-site logistics and event operations.

  • Results/deliverables: produced the 2022 season after two years of lockdown. Secured and covered the main events (qualifying rugby match for the Top 14 final; Top 14 final; Coldplay concerts etc.). Average of 1200 attendees in the VIP area only.

  • Overview: virtual event co-hosted with PSA World Tour to honor ToC champions.

  • Objectives: despite the tournament cancellation; generate excitement around ToC; support the player and the worldwide squash community; maintain and grow relationships with fans and players; promote ToC 2022.

  • Duties/responsibilities: creative direction; social media content creation; social media promotion and live coverage; build toolkit; coordinate on video assets.

  • Results/deliverables: 4K engagements and over10K video views; +12 new followers on IG in one week; excellent engagement on IG stories; players promoted the content which helped gain traction and awareness - @tocsquash

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 9.08.19 PM.png
  • Overview: events book signing and launch party of Make Your Moment, written by Dion Lim (Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter at KGO-TV, ABC7)

  • Objectives: supporting the author with her different book tour; coordinate with partner on workshop; organize the launch party.

  • Duties/responsibilities: PR outreach; oversee creative design (invitation, welcome sign, pop-up banner, step and repeat, mic cover, newsletter layout etc.); send out invitation; create the ROS; coordinate with the venue on the set-up and with vendors on delivery; on-site logistic; live social media coverage.

  • Results/deliverables: +150 attendees at the launch party and locked 3 sponsors and media coverage - @dionlimtv

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